A Magic Hour

Magic HourI am going to give you an hour.  A magic hour, an hour when the world stops just for you.  An hour that you can just get stuff done. It’s going to happen next Tuesday so start planning what you are going to do with this magical extra hour.  If you use it wisely I will give you another magic hour the following week.

Here’s a few things that I think we would all like (add as many more as you like):

  • To make our wife/husband/partner happy
  • To help our friends and families enjoy life and be fulfilled
  • To be less stressed
  • To help people in our communities that don’t have anyone to help them.
  • To learn a new skill

I am sure you can think of loads more things in your life that you would like to see.  Here is a challenge for you.  Write down one thing that you could achieve in the magic hour next Tuesday that would help towards just one of those goals……

Now forget the magic hour, your real challenge is to just do that one thing this week.  Find an hour, one way or another find that hour and get it done.

You didn’t know you were magic did you?


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