Where to start

Life is best lived together.  I have gained so much by reading the thoughts of many, many people, from great classical thinkers to modern bloggers and authors. This blog is my attempt to join the conversation, to share rather than hoard thoughts.

Edith Schaeffer in describing all creative activity as art suggests that some of the worlds masterpieces have been inspired by very mediocre art.  A young man hears a piano played by a very average musician, inspired he goes on to be a great pianist.  My hope in blogging is that the workmanlike writing, thinking and praying you find here may be a step on your way to thinking great thoughts, reading great works, praying great prayers and maybe writing for others.

In truth I hope that the foggy view of God you find here will inspire you to pursue God for yourself. The other reason I blog is simple.  It helps me pray, it is one rhythm I find helpful in seeking God.

Here are a few posts that have proven popular and may be a good place to start.

  1. Social Media Proverbs – A tongue in cheek look at social media from the viewpoint of Proverbs ch 18
  2. Almighty, Our Multicoloured God – A view of God from inside our family
  3. Abraham: An altar at home – A key figure in the story of Tentmaker

I hope you enjoy the Tentmaker blog, please feel free to comment on any post that grabs your attention.


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